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About Us

We often describe ourselves as the boy band of the apparel world BUT with key differences; mostly to do with age and the occasional grey hair! But there are similarities; we are a collection of individuals with a variety of complimentary skills and experiences. In our world these range from design, IP law, licensing, retailing, online ecommerce, apparel manufacturing, promotional marketing and supply chain management. Oh and we can sing!

Our Process

Projects, indeed businesses are run successfully when consideration is given to three main criteria; People, Process and Systems. So at Fashion For Sport we ensure all these elements are ever present when managing our projects. Our process always kicks off with the creative, the strategic thinking on how best to manage a project whether a simple run of promotional garments or a website marketing portal with a print on demand or personalised print solution. When all the key areas are considered and agreed by all will we follow the agreed process employing timesaving systems and technology to help the team along.

  • Brief / Research / Data

    "Seek first to understand" - Wise words! So we want to hear from you. Your ambition, your challenge and desired outcome of your important project

  • Creative Concept

    Indulge us in our creative as this is where we can really add value

  • Strategy

    Strategy in the world of apparel is how to be competitive. How to use your USP's to your best advantage.

  • Planning

    Allocate suitable resources and skills to ensure a successful outcome

  • Impliment

    Lets go!

Our Team

We here at Fashion for Sport are at our happiest when we are assisting you achieve your objectives. Our creativity, strategic thinking and dedication is our strength. Whether you are looking for competitive apparel, unique design, an online ecommerce solution or development of a brand we would love to hear more.

Richard Watts
Managing Director

Creative energetic yet strategic are qualities Richard is known for in the team. What is less known is his passion for running and the occasional performance as front man for a local band!